While we can’t always predict the unexpected, we can protect ourselves against it. Because some things in life are just too important to leave to chance.

Our insurance offering

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Personal Loan Insurance

  • Premium added to your loan amount so you only have one regular repayment
  • Protect your loan if you lose your job or become seriously ill
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Credit Card Insurance

  • One less thing to worry about if you lose your job or get sick
  • Don’t miss bargains thanks to Price Protection cover
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The Insurers

Insurance is issued by Hallmark Life Insurance Company Ltd. (Hallmark Life) and Hallmark General Insurance Company Ltd. (Hallmark General), (incorporated in Australia and operating in New Zealand).

Hallmark Life and Hallmark General have both received Insurer Financial Strength Ratings of ‘BBB+’ from Standard & Poors.

'AAA' Extremely Strong
'AA' Very Strong
'A' Strong Capacity
'BBB' Adequate Capacity
'BB' Less vulnerable than other non-investment grades
'B' More vulnerable
'CCC' Currently vulnerable
'CC' Currently highly vulnerable
'C' A bankruptcy petition
'D' Payments default

Ratings from ‘AA’ to ‘CCC’ may be modified by the addition of a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories. Refer to the Standard & Poor’s website for further details:

Both Hallmark Life and Hallmark General maintain solvency positions in excess of their current requirements or obligations. Refer to the tables below:

Hallmark General (as at 31 December 2016)

Pre­scribed Capital Amount (PCA)
NZ$ '000's
Capital Base
NZ$ '000's
Solvency Margin
NZ$ '000's
PCA Cover­age
29,371 105,809 76,438 3.60

Hallmark Life (as at 31 December 2016)

Pre­scribed Capital Amount (PCA)
NZ$ '000's
Capital Base
NZ$ '000's
Solvency Margin
NZ$ '000's
PCA Cover­age
Stat Fund 1:
811 21,091 20,280 26.01
Stat Fund 2:
261 8,223 7,962 31.51

NOTE: Hallmark Life and Hallmark General’s solvency calculations are based on APRA’s solvency requirements.

Overseas Policyholder Preference

An overseas policyholder preference applies to Hallmark Life and Hallmark General. Under Australian law, if Hallmark Life or Hallmark General is wound up, its assets in Australia must be applied to its Australian liabilities before they can be applied to overseas liabilities. To this extent, New Zealand policyholders may not be able to rely on Hallmark Life and Hallmark General’s Australian assets to satisfy New Zealand liabilities.

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